Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle 3"

Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle 3"

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Extract freshness, bright colours, and exceptional flavours from fresh herbs and spices with the durable and classic-styled Crush Acacia Wood and Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle.

Crush Acacia Wood and Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle 

Fresh herbs and spices are much more flavourful and colourful in recipes than store bought dry ingredients, but they need to be processed. For convenience, there is a temptation to use a noisy and hard-to-clean food processor to do this. However, science and professional chefs favour the use of a mortar and pestle; it crushes ingredients while food processor blades cut. The benefit of grinding vs. cutting ingredients, is the smashing action releases the full flavour and aromas of the ingredients. That is something a Vitamix or expensive blender will not be able to accomplish.

The Crush Acacia Wood and Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle is made of a durable, heavy-duty cast iron bowl and pestle (tip) that makes grinding ingredients easy and effective; perfect for powdering spices, grains, herbs, garlic and crushing nuts. A modern, stylish and essential tool for maximizing the flavour and aromas of herbs/spices resulting in enhanced culinary experiences.


  • Decorative outer bowl and pestle top are made from sustainable Acacia Wood
  • Durable cast iron mortar bowl and pestle tip work easily and effectively together for grinding/crushing ingredients
  • 3” diameter fits easily into most cabinets
  • Designed in Germany

Product Details

  • Primary Materials: Acacia Wood; Cast Iron
  • Season before use
  • Product Care: Hand Wash Only