Fish bone tweezers

Fish bone tweezers

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Kilo Fish Bone Tweezers

This premium quality kitchen gadget fish bone forceps or tongs are the quick and easy way to get the fish cleared of the bones.

Specially designed for fish bones and scales, preparing a good fillet of fish is not only healthy but great food preparation for a pie.

The flat edges grip down on the tiny pin bones of the fish and with ease they can be removed, no other utensil can do this task.

Ergonomic handles with a good grip and a spring back structure, they are efficient and easy to use, also try hulling strawberries too.

High-quality stainless-steel material, no fishy odours, dishwasher safe, ideal gift for seafood lovers.

Product Description

The Kilo premium quality seafood preparation tool fish bone tweezers are the best kitchen gadget for a quick and easy way to clear the large and small bones out of a fish with the forceps or tongs that have a great flat edge to capture all the tiny pin bones too, never be afraid of fish bones again and create the perfect fillet of fish for a delicious creamy fish pie! Ergonomic handles with a good pincer grip and a spring back structure means they are efficient and easy to use, also try hulling strawberries too! High-quality stainless-steel material, suitable for the dishwasher, leaves no fishy odours. There’s an art to pulling bones out of fish and not the flesh, always pull gently and they’ll ease out. Makes the ideal gift for seafood lovers, the fishmonger, chef or cook in the kitchen, give with a crab/lobster cracker and seafood forks!

The Kilo high quality fish bone tweezers are dishwasher safe.

Kilo™ by CKS offers contemporary and innovative functional kitchen tools made from tough, high quality materials that will stand the test of time, providing unrivalled performance in any kitchen environment.