Triple Pack Fixits

Triple Pack Fixits

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Repair to be Amazed! 

Meet the incredible new DIY kitchen drawer essential to tackle  any kind of “I don’t have time for this to be broken” in and out of  your home.  

FixIts is your convenient, easy go-to product that can be used  almost anywhere without mess or fuss. Simply heat up a stick  in kettle boiled water for around 1 minute to soften, mould and  mend; then watch as FixIts solidifies before your eyes.  

FixIts has no expiry date so hold onto left over bits for later.  Made a mistake? No problem! FixIts are endlessly remouldable,  simply heat it to reshape it. 

Break free from our throw away culture and show your stuff a  little love, you’ll be amazed at how much you can fix when you  put a little time & thought into it. 

Don’t bin it when you can FixIts!

FixIts is an eco-friendly non-adhesive stick that, with a bit of heat, can mould  into any shape or form. By connecting parts, filling gaps or modifying things,  FixIts can breathe life into broken things.  

It’s amazing because FixIts really can fix so much, including the really tricky,  awkward stuff that’s expensive to replace. FixIts is remouldable too, so you can  use it again in the future. To top it off, it’s made from non-toxic compostable  plastic.  

By repairing things more with FixIts, you can keep manmade materials useful  within the circular economy, cut down on wasted energy, and reduce the  demand for more raw materials. Plus you can save a bit of money and show  off your handiwork to your friends! 

If we throw anything away, it has to be the Throwaway Mentality.  

Get fixing with this pack of 3 FixIts sticks.

  1. Easy and Fast to use
  2. Endlessly remouldable
  3. Manufactured in the UK
  4. Compostable to EN 14995

Simply heat FixIts in kettle boiled water for around 1 minute and see it go soft. Keep warm by dunking again or using hot air (from a hairdryer for example) to extend the working time.

Use FixIts to repair your broken stuff, adapt to make things better or create replacement parts!

Product care:

  1. Do not store or use FixIts where heat sources that can reach or exceed 50 degrees celsius.
  2. Ensure adult supervision if used with children.
  3. FixIts does not have a use by date.
  4. FixIts is not a glue but can stick to fabrics and some plastics, test on a small sample first


Pack: 210 x 74 x 4 mm (8.3 x 2.9 x 0.15 inches)
Stick: 150 x 16 x 3.5 mm (5.9 x 0.6 x 0.14 inches)