Artisan Acacia Spagetti Spoon

Artisan Acacia Spagetti Spoon

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Dish up all of your favourite pasta recipes and avoid accidental spills when you use our sturdy spaghetti spoon. Whether you love your seafood linguine, creamy carbonara or home-cooked mac and cheese, this wooden utensil is up to the task.

A series of prongs or “fingers” have been added around the outside of this serving spoon to separate, hold and support slippery foods like pasta when it’s being dished out. The spaghetti spoon also allows for liquids to drain away from the pasta as you lift it out from the pot of boiling water. Each prong firmly embeds itself into the tangle of spaghetti or linguini, making it the best tool for long, thin varieties of pasta.

The attractive natural grain of acacia wood is enhanced with a minimalist Scandinavian-style design, giving the server a classic appeal. The ideal choice for modern kitchens it is part of a much wider collection of pieces designed in the UK for the Artisan Street range. Produced from natural materials, each tool has an organic feel which allows them to blend perfectly together or with any other traditional or contemporary kitchenware set.

  • Perfect for stirring and portioning all your favourite pasta dishes, this spaghetti spoon is durable enough for serving large portions to all the family.
  • Designed to securely hold pasta, spaghetti and other slippery ingredients while you dish them up, this spaghetti server cuts out any risk of mess.
  • As the server’s design helps to prevent spillages and the wooden handle won’t conduct heat, you can lift and serve up hot pasta with confidence and full control.
  • Made from acacia wood it is especially durable and is also easy to hand wash, meaning that this spaghetti server can be used every day or as often as needed.
  • Finished with an attractive floral motif, it blends well with other Artisan Street utensils and adds a touch of Scandinavian style to your kitchen.
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