Water Bottle Carafe with Cup 800ml
Water Bottle Carafe with Cup 800ml
Water Bottle Carafe with Cup 800ml
Water Bottle Carafe with Cup 800ml
Water Bottle Carafe with Cup 800ml
Water Bottle Carafe with Cup 800ml

Water Bottle Carafe with Cup 800ml

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Our new carafe is designed for personal use and comes complete with a tumbler that sits neatly on top until you need it. 

Ideal for use at your desk, or even placed on your bedside table. It also comes with a convenient natural cork coaster and includes one binchotan active charcoal filter (6 month lifespan), which will make your tap water taste great! 

    Where did Binchotan charcoal come from?
    Thought to have been initially introduced about 1,200 years ago in Japan by a scholar named Kukai, this amazing natural material only became popular thanks to Binchuya Chozaemon during the Edo Period, around the 17th century.

    What is the process for making Binchotan charcoal?
    Firstly, the wood (sustainably sourced) is placed in a low temperature kiln for a long time, then, near to the end of the burning process, the temperature is suddenly increased to about 1000 degrees celsius. This causes the wood to become red and hot. It’s immediately removed from the oven and placed underneath a mixture of sand, ash and soil. This causes the wood to rapidly cool, making the surface hard and smooth, and often leaves a whitish residue. If you tap the wood, you might hear a clear, metallic sound.

    What makes it a good water filter?
    Also known as an ‘active carbon’, Binchotan charcoal has an incredibly porous surface area, so much so that 1 gram can cover 500mᒾ. These pores attract contaminants like chlorine and trap them, leaving your water filtered and clean. This amazing material also has the ability to release minerals like calcium back into the water, which makes for great health benefits and taste.

    What capacity does one charcoal stick filter?
    One charcoal stick filter can be used in 1.1L of water for about 3 months if used every day. If you have a larger container or vessel you want to filter, simply increase the number of charcoal filters.

    How long does each stick last?
    Each charcoal stick lasts about 3 months, if you’re using our ‘Eau Carafe’ (or another with similar capacity), and you fill it every day. After this time, you can simply boil it for 10 minutes to ‘recharge’ it and use it for an additional 3 months.

    Should I throw away my charcoal stick when it’s finished?
    Definitely not, charcoal has got some great secondary uses, including adding nutrients to the soil of houseplants, deodorising shoes, laundry baskets and cat litters. It even acts as a dehumidifier in your wardrobe or drawers!

    Does the charcoal need to be washed or cleaned?
    Does the charcoal need to be washed or cleaned.

    Can I add things to flavour my water if I also use a charcoal stick?
    Please refrain from flavouring your water when you use a Binchotan charcoal filter.

    Am I able to wash my carafe with soap?
    You can wash the carafe with soap, but be sure to remove the charcoal first.

    Do you sell Binchotan charcoal by itself?
    Yes, we do. We sell Binchotan Charcoal in packs of 4 here.

    Is charcoal dangerous if swallowed?
    No, it isn’t. Active charcoal tablets are often prescribed to treat a number of different medical issues, like upset stomachs, high cholesterol, and even hangovers..

    Is the eau carafe dishwasher safe?
    The glass bottle and silicone cap are dishwasher safe, but the cork top is not. Separate the silicone cap from the cork stopper before dishwashing.

    Do I need to wash the carafe regularly?
    When water is left in the bottle for long periods of time, mould spores can form. The binchotan charcoal removes the chlorine from drinking water, so you might notice it forming more quickly than normal. This is nothing to worry about, as long as you refill it with fresh water every few days, clean the carafe and silicone cap regularly and don’t drink stale water that has been sitting in the carafe for more than a few days.

    How do I clean the cork stopper?
    Cork can darken over time through use. We recommend washing in warm soapy water, to wash away finger marks.

    • Hand-blown glass
    • Natural cork coaster
    • Includes 1 binchotan active charcoal filter (6 months life) - Makes tap water taste great!
    • IMPORTANT: Please make sure your carafe is filled when placing your charcoal to avoid any breakages
    • Suitable for fridge doors
    • W 10cm H 25cm / W 4" H 9.8"
    • An 800ml / 27 fl oz carafe
    • Weight: 650g/1.43Lbs